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Since I was working as an house surgeon in the neurosurgery department and showing interest in learning the neurosurgical treatment aspects and also spending round the clock time in the neurosurgery wards following the instructions of the unit chief Dr.M.V.Subrahmanian it took no time for him to decide that I should work with Prof B.Ramamurthi and do my post graduation at Madras Medical College without spending three years in the MS general surgery post graduate training. He took more interest and pains to push me towards that goal. Incidentally it may not be out of place to state that he himself could not work with Prof B.Ramamurthi or get a post graduation seat in his department in spite of his best efforts even though he hailed from Madras state and did his MS general surgery at Andhra Medical College, worked for a few days with Dr.S.BalaParameswara Rao and later at Osmania Medical College as assistant professor of neurosurgery under Dr.B.Dayananda Rao, the professor of neurosurgery.