Birth Place

I am very proud to be the only surviving son of my illiterate and innocent parents, late Sri.Boddu Nabeesu and late Smt. Boddu Bhadramma. My native place, a dormant village by name Varagani situated twenty six kilometers south of Guntur. I am very happy and proud to be one of the very best batches of student of the Guntur Medical College, The 1996 batch. I am even happier to share the Golden Jubilee Celebrations with all of you. Hearty welcome to Visakhapatnam, the city of destiny I am really living a second life an extended life or you may call if a bonus life. Thanks to some of our classmates, friends and well wishers that I survived a certain death, specially Dr.B.Soma Raju and his team of the Care Hospitals who pulled me out from almost declared dead situation, Telugu lo cheppalante “Ee Janmalo Aa rrunam Terchuko Jaalanu”.

Date of Birth

My real date of birth is 16th March 1950, not known even to me till I became sixty years of age, the recorded date of birth was 17th March 1950, in the village records which I always remembered but never really celebrated as my real date of birth and 4th January 1949, was recorded as my official date of birth in the school records, during my high school admission. Everything appeared true in those days and no questions were asked. I was given my present name out of superstitions that I would live long unlike my elder brother a good name Nageswara Rao who passed away in his early child hood long before I was born.

Schooling & Graduation

I studied, at the primary element school at(SWES) Varagani, high school studies at Pedanandi Padu, pre-university course at The Hindu College Guntur, MBBS and 1st year MS General Surgery post graduation at our Guntur Medical College and direct MS neurosurgery post graduate degree course at Madras Medical College. Suffice to state that I was the first five year neurosurgery post graduate to get the degree in India.

I am highly in debited to my roommates like Dr.Mamidipika Seshagiri Rao, Dr.L. Seshagiri Rao, Dr. Vemula Venkata Narasimha Rao, Dr. Guttikonda Murali, Dr.B.Soma Raju, Dr.B. Surya Mohan Reddy, Dr.K. Sankara Rao, Dr.Palani Mohan Rao, Dr.N.SuryaNarayana Raju; classmates and friends like Dr.Hemalata and Dr.Jayaprada Devi during MBBS and Dr.A.Raja and Dr.J.Reginald during my post graduation who inspired me with their attitude, hard work and intelligence.

I am highly grateful to my very best teachers who showered their love and affection on me in abundance. To mention a few of them were late Sri.Somayya and his wife Mrs.Nakshatramma, late Sri.Kola Koteswara Rao and late Sri.Kamma Kotayya Choudary and his wife Mrs.Nagabhushanamma, late Sri.Avvari VasudevaSastry and Sri.K.Ayyappa Reddy till my school studies. Late Sri YSRChandran, late Sri.Upendra Sharma, late Sri.D.RangaRao and sri.Anjineyulu at the Hindu College Guntur. At our Guntur Medical College I fondly remember some of our best teachers like late Dr.Gummadi Joseph, late Sri.Naganna Dr.Govinda Rao, Dr.T.Srinivasan and not but not the least the daring military surgeon late Dr.Nutakki Venkateswara Rao and Dr.Maddina GopalKrishna. The people who directly contributed for my neurosurgical training career were Dr.RB.Krishna Murthy, Dr.K. Raja Laxmi Dr.Visweswara Rao and Dr.M.V.Subrahmaniam all of them put in to my mind that I should take up neurosurgery post graduation and also paved my pathway to reach professor B.Ramamurthi, at the Madras Medical College the abode of neurosurgery training.

Prof B.Ramamurthi and all the teachers, doctors and staff and the entire family members of Prof B.Ramamurthi that looked after me like their family member, as a foster son, gave me food, finance, practice and training and the knowledge in all the aspects of education and life beyond that. I worked as Assistant Professor Neurosurgery at the Andhra Medical College, as Professor of neurosurgery at Sri Venkateswera Medical College Tirupati and left the state government service permanently.

A confluence of contradictions, constrains, constructions, conspirations concerns all combined together to cut short my highly ambitious teaching career. Forced in to private practice I established the first department of neurosurgery in a private missionary hospital with all the facilities for treating neurosurgical patients. Tried to get hold of a team with young neurosurgeons but failed. Established a small exclusive neurosurgical center by name Sri Visakha neurosurgical hospital to cater to the neurosurgical patients of Visakhapatnam and the surrounding places as a token of my contribution to the public, as a mark of my stay at Visakhapatnam for twenty five years. I thought the doctors and the patients and public of Visakhapatnam city deserved an exclusive neurosurgical center in lines of the Institute of Neurology at Madras established by my beloved teacher Prof B.Ramamurthi, but my idea did not click. For my own health reasons I had to cut short my professional career.

After getting the degree in the year 1978 I was selected to work in the state government service and was posted as the assistant professor of neurosurgery at the department of neurosurgery Andhra Medical College Vishakapatnam which was the first department to be started in the state of Andhra Pradesh in the year 1956 by Dr.S.Bala Parameswara Rao whom we should call as the father of neurosurgery for our state. During my state for more than five years two land mark events took place at the department of neurosurgery.

The first one was the visit of Dr.K.V.Mathai from CMC Vellore as an MCI inspector to certifying the facilities available in our department for training the post graduates in neurosurgery, the post MS candidates. For that the staff requirement was full filled after I joined as a qualified neurosurgeon, earlier to me some MS general surgery candidates were working as stop gap arrangement in the post of assistant neurosurgeon. Once that criteria was full filled the MS neurosurgery training program was automatically sanctioned by Dr.K.V.Mathai.

There were other minor criteria like the neurosurgical work load of operating at least fifty brain tumors, craniotomies, other departmental supports, library facilities etc. Thus the MCI regulations were full filled after I joined the department which also helped to increase the turnover of the neurosurgical procedures. Alas! That no MS general surgery candidate showed interest or scored minimum qualifying marks to join the neurosurgery training for several years even though the neurosurgery department was in existence for over two and half decades. That was the sad state of the image of neurosurgery department with lack of advance facilities, trained staff and of course the high mortality rates.

The second landmark important event that occurred was the celebrations of the Silver Jubilee of the department of neurosurgery in the year 1981December. During those celebrations the Neurological Society of India (NSI) was invited to conduct its Annual National Conference for the first time at Visakhapatnam. That was the first ever national conference of any clinical subject to be held at Visakhapatnam. It was a great success in many a way, the scientific aspect the cultural aspects and also the hospitality that was talked about fondly by many delegates who participated in that conference. No need to say that it was a grand success with the participation of all the senior neurologists and neurosurgeons from all over the country and also from other countries.

There were more than two hundred and fifty participants and the star participant was none other than Prof Erl Walker from USA. He state for a few days at Visakhapatnam and enjoyed the beautiful environment. The Indian stalwarts like Prof B.Ramamurthi, Dr.S.KalyanRaman,Dr.V.BalaSubramanyam,Dr.T.S.Kanaka,Dr.ArjunDas,Dr.Jaganadhan,Dr.Sambasivan,Dr.P.N.Tandon Dr.S.K.Patil. The importance of Visakhapatnam and the department of neurosurgery had got a boost up of the image, the infrastructure and also an increase in the staff in the department. Even though I was intentionally sidelined during the conduct of conference under the guise that I should look after the patients who required the round the clock attention I had my moment of glory in the middle of the conference, exactly on the inaugural function day and time.

It so happened that I was asked to operate on a convexity menigioma patient who became unconscious, during the middle of the night, by none other than by my own beloved teacher Prof B.Ramamurthi. He himself could have operated on such a serious and important case, or could have asked any of the available senior neurosurgeons in the city numbering around two hundred and fifty but choose me as his trusted trainee to operate such a serious case. I did, not only the surgery single handedly but also lived up to the expectations of my teacher and his abundant confidence in me. That the patient survived and I got the instant recognition and accolades from the fraternity of the neurosurgeons. I had some consolation and compensation when I was getting sidelined and slighted for no fault of mind.

In the department of neurosurgery I personally tried my best, for the first time in twenty five years to involve the students and inculcate interest in the neurosurgery subject. In that direction I conducted a number of group discussion,grand rounds with the patients and conducted seminars asked in the students to present the subject and their own. Since then a crop of neurologists and neurosurgeons emerged from the Andhra Medical College. I could count the number of qualified neurologists and neurosurgeons before I joined the department and after I joined the department.I was promoted as professor of neurosurgery and transferred and posted at the Sri Venkateswara Medical College Tirupati. So to say that I was probably youngest the professor in any medical college in Andhra Pradesh and definitely the youngest professor of neurosurgery at the age of thirty three years of both in Andhra Pradesh and else were by that time.

That was a very short lived phase, I resigned from the job and I was dragged in to the private neurosurgical practice at Visakhapatnam, my practice picked up in no time and the family interests were sacrificed. Twenty four hours in a day was not sufficiently for the round the clock services, surgeries and the social responsibility. So lo practice and no other compotators in my field. Alas! The family got sacrificed for the sake of the profession the division of time between the personal life and the professional life was demanding and conflicting. Before no time the damage was done, the irretrievable damage was done. At, what a cost?

The good out come even out of devastation and the ruines, I kept my nurve and rededicated only to the profession, established good standard in private practice and reached some goals however small they were.


In the personal life married late at the age of thirty one years by which time some of our classmates have established their full families and settle down in life, had a turbulent married life, blessed with two sweet daughters Deepthi and Divya. I had to bid a good bye for the nacesent married life before my children grew up and understood the truth and reality in our family matters. That was partly willful and mostly painful. A curse! My children grew up without me, very gold and brave and courageous. They never saw me physically neither did I, for nearly twenty five years all most living just one kilometer apart suppressing all our emotions. The children reached great highs in their educations and character on their own hard work and intelligence, of course staying with their mother.

Dr.Deepthi Boddu is a pediatrician and her husband Dr.James Ivan an anatomist. They are blessed with two cute daughters aged seven and two years and named as Jessica and Johana they leave at Christian Medical College and hospital at vellore. Mrs.Divya Boddu is highly qualified intelligent nice little child, recently married to Mr.Srikanth, both are engineers by profession and are presently staying at Maryland, Baltimore, USA. Both, Dr.Deepthi and Divya could only reach close to me during their wedding time and when I was hospitalized at the Care Hospital Visakhapatnam.

I was definitely a party, for the breakup of our family and as an elder should own a major share of responsibilities and the total share of the guilt. I did not contribute for my children education are their growth except putting them into the English convenient school, at the Tympani School Visakhapatnam in LKG! Now a day’s both of them keep in touch with me once in a while. I wish them all good, bright and successful careers and happy families. I do not want to caste any of my shadow on them.

My father departed twenty six years ago and my mother followed him very recently,about three years back. They did not reap the rewards for their hard work and sacrifices made. They could not even appreciate their loved sons’ educational professional and financial success stories except that, what they heard repeatedly from other persons and sources. They gave me full freedom from the time of admitting into the school, entire study period, job, marriage and even the forced break up of it. They never interfered at any stage throughout. They lived in a simple uncomplicated happy village life with full content-mate. They must be watching me from above the Heavens and shouring their love and affections and blessings too.


I do not have any achievements to boast off in my life career. But, do not mention a few important events in my academic career the entire forty five years after we all got departed, dispersed to various destinations becomes a vacuum. A few of those events I should pen down a chronological order as per as possible.

After many of view wrote the ECFMG examination and left our college and town a few of us stayed back for various reasons I too applied got the hall ticket but did not appear for the examination at Kaula Lumper for many reasons, money being the at most.

I worked in the neurosurgery unit at our hospital as a house surgeon for one full month, in the month of February 1972, a leap year. During that posting I accidentally and fortunately happened to receive Prof B.Ramamurthi, the pioneer Neurosurgeon of India from Madras as a seren dipity I met him and received him at the railway station Guntur when his trained arrived late from Madras. Because of the delay of his arrival most of the senior professors including Dr.Lingam.SuryaNarayana, the then superintendant of the Guntur General Hospital decided to go back to the general hospital and wait. Dr.M.V.Subrahmanian decided that I should stay back, and wait for Prof B.Ramamurthi’s arrival.

Prof B.Ramamurthi who was the founder neurosurgeon of Madras Medical College and also the best outgoing student of his batch delivered two endowment lecturers at our Guntur Medical college auditorium. The meeting was preceded by Dr.K.Kondanda Ramaiah who was the principle of the college and Dr.N.Subhadra Devi the professor of gynecology and obstetrics and also the vice principle our college. Incidentally she belonged to the immediate senior batch to Prof B,Ramamurthi at Madras Medical College and was also the best outgoing of her batch. There were mutual admirations and accolades. In fact Prof B.Ramamurthi delivered two endowment lecturers in our college auditorium, the first one was on the brain tumors and the second one was on the usefulness of the stereo-taxic surgery with his usual depth of knowledge and the oratory skills. More than anything else Prof B.Ramamurthi announced the starting of a direct five year neurosurgery post graduation training course at Madras Medical College from the academic year 1973. At that time I was not aware the background of his orations. Much later I came to know that the orations were named after late Smt.Achanta Rukminiamma who was the Health Minister of the combined state before independence and also the founder of our medical college. I saw her name on our medical college main building a number of times earlier but never did I realize who she was. It was pleasant surprise to note that she was the wife of the legendary Ayurevedic Physician from our state and also mother in-law of Prof B.Ramamurthi himself. That was the information I gained from different sources during and after his departure from Guntur. After listening to his lecturers many of our surgical assistant professors showed interest to do the post graduation in neurosurgery but the professor was very much vehement that the post graduation was only for fresh MBBS graduates and not for the post MS candidates.


Since I was working as an house surgeon in the neurosurgery department and showing interest in learning the neurosurgical treatment aspects and also spending round the clock time in the neurosurgery wards following the instructions of the unit chief Dr.M.V.Subrahmanian it took no time for him to decide that I should work with Prof B.Ramamurthi and do my post graduation at Madras Medical College without spending three years in the MS general surgery post graduate training. He took more interest and pains to push me towards that goal. Incidentally it may not be out of place to state that he himself could not work with Prof B.Ramamurthi or get a post graduation seat in his department in spite of his best efforts even though he hailed from Madras state and did his MS general surgery at Andhra Medical College, worked for a few days with Dr.S.BalaParameswara Rao and later at Osmania Medical College as assistant professor of neurosurgery under Dr.B.Dayananda Rao, the professor of neurosurgery. Before I go further, I would like to share with all of you that I was one of the lucky four boys in our class who some have escaped with wrath of our under graduate examiners.

I should also acknowledge fact that I had the best out going student and all time the first class student in my batch of students in the ward posting who was a direct and indirect source of inspiration. Because of her, I was hovering around sixty percentage marks in some subjects more so the all important general surgery is final year.

Those marks made me a sure candidate to get MS general surgery seat at the Guntur Medical College. In fact I was the first and only post graduate in general surgery at the Guntur Medical College without a colleague for some months. Of course, two lady students from our class with above sixty percent marks left to other places. My entire under graduate student surgical ward postings, thrice to be precise were only under Dr.Nutakki Venkateswara Rao who inculcated military displane in students and in the surgical work.

My interest in surgery, my marks in general surgery, my posting in Nutakki’s unit, my internship staring with general surgery, causality followed by neurosurgery ward posting were the foundations. Prof B.Ramamurthi’s visiting lectures and accidental encounter with him at Guntur railway station, his announcement of five year neurosurgery post graduation all with the support of our teachers at Guntur, made me to look forward Madras Medical College all the events in succession looked like tailor made for my future. Thus I became the first student from our batch and also from our college to join in the direct neurosurgical training program I am proud to announce that your unassuming friend and classmate was the first five year neurosurgical strained post graduate, the first one to get the direct MS neurosurgery degree in the five year course in India _ passed the examination in the first attempt too. There was no neurosurgery post graduate state of Andhra Pradesh at that time, certainly not the direct five year neurosurgery training. But a two year post MS training at the Osmania Medical College was just then started in the year 1972 where Dr.G.Babu Ragendra Prasad joined the post graduation course as the first candidate. Earlier to that some of our senior neurosurgeons had a few years of training in the established neurosurgery departments and became the professors of neurosurgery by virtue of their experience. To make the matter very clear Dr.S.Bala Parameswara Rao, Dr.B.Dayananda Rao, Dr.D.Raja Reddy, Dr.M.V.Subrahmanian and a few more were promoted and as professors where there were no neurosurgeons available in other medical colleges with teaching facilities. The first batch of MS degree with two years training in neurosurgery was available at the University of Madras, the CMC Vellore and MMC Madras. The first batch of two year MCh candidates were Dr.K.V.Chalapathi Rao and Dr.I.Dinakaran from Vishakapatnam, Dr.K.Satyanarayana from Hyderabad was also trained at CMC Vellore. Looking from any angle, after Dr.S.Bala Parameswara Rao was formally trained at the Madras Medical College by Prof B.Ramamurthi in the year 1956, I have the privilege of joining the same department as a full pledged neurosurgical trainee. It was not a surprise Prof B.Ramamurthi used to absent mindedly always liked to call me as Dr.S.Bala Parameswara Rao. That was the impact Dr.S.Bala Parameswara Rao made on the mind of Prof B.Ramamurthi even after twenty years of formal training for a few months in that department.

Coming back to our classmates, of course Dr.Murali Guttikonda who was my hostel roommate during our final year studies and also during the initial part of our house surgeon training period, was getting his neurosurgical training at USA silently, and also simultaneously. It was just a co-incidence that two of our final year classmate students and roommates could become the first trained neurosurgeons from our college. I cannot equate myself with Dr.Murali Guttikonda but it was a fond memory that we stayed together travelled together and studied together for a few years. I also remember that we played together in the men’s hostel grounds. I am proud to state that I was trained by one of the best teachers of neurosurgery in India, the only Institute of Neurology in our country at the Madras Medical Colleege. I am sure Dr.Murali Guttikonda was also trained at the best of the places in USA, if I remember correctly at the Youngs town. I hope that Dr.Murali would not mind mentioning the facts about him and some of the facts. I am sure that he must have liked and loved to become a neurosurgeon after going to USA. Why because if I remember correctly he was more interested to become a heart surgeon during our student days than a neurosurgeon during some of our discussions.

The First MRI Scan Center At Visakhapatnam

The first one was the establishment of a neurosurgery department in a private hospital with my private practice. That was only beginning and wanted to take that department to newer heights with a group of neurosurgeons, purchased the best of the equipments and operating on complicated cases. I made heavy investment to equip the department using all my earnings and heavy borrowings. Unfortunately the group deserted and disintegrated the equipment started underutilized of course; a lot of investment was made with borrowing from banks with high interest rates. The payments were made out of my own earnings and the loans for cleared. But the patents did not get the ultimate benefit.

Participated and contributed his establishment of the first MRI scan center at Visakhapatnam to cater to the public from Culcutta and Chennai. But burnt my hands badly by trusting the unscrupless business men and my well wishers. I still got sustained and stabilized myself. I not only lost my money, my friend’s money that trusted me and invested and also I lost my face in the public. Business investments were not the doctors’ forte and trusting the best of the brains in money matters would always end up in bitterness. Ultimately I ended up repaying some of my friends’ money as I could not stand as a cheat before them. But the fact remained that I was a part of the team first MRI center established at Visakhapatnam in the year 1967.

I wanted to full fill my dream project of constructing and providing exclusive neurosurgical facility at Visakhapatnam. I made the structure but could not fill the beds at one time. Bad medical practices that have creeped in, the medical business started wagging its tail. Beyond that my heart did not cooperate either. My mind said that enough is enough. That is it.

Presently, after a number of stents placements and CABG surgery I am cooling my legs in isolation, writing my memories both in Telugu and English languages. I play tennis as a part of daily routine and exercise. My cardiologist said and certified that my tennis is helping me to prolong the life time further.

A few, though not that the real achievements were that I organized the first AP neuroscientists meet at Visakhapatnam in 1994, as the first organizing secretary, later contributed for its success as an office barrier but refused to become its president.


I organized some local tennis tournaments of veterans and children also started the first Visakha veteran tennis association which got merged with the All India Senior Tennis players association of which I am also a member. Currently under regularly I am participating in the national tournaments for more than a year.

Last but not the least; I published a handful of scientific papers in the national and international journals, mostly as a house surgeon and post graduate student.

Presented scientific papers at the national and state neurosurgical conferences mostly as a trainee post graduate on spinal heamegiomas, lumbar disc and intracranial heamegioamas.

Conceived and aborted the publication of the proceedings of the department of neurosurgery at the St.Joseph Hospital. The second publication did not see the light of the day.

My interest in doing ethical medical practice remained a dream because there were very few people to take it.

My passion was teaching, but I left the professor past thirty years.


My goal and life time ambition is to start an exclusive neurosurgical hospital probably in the lines of the Institute of Neurology, Madras and most preferably in the name of my beloved Prof B.Ramamurthi in his memory.

To start an endowment lecture is the name of Dr.M.V.BalaSubrahmanian my mentor and also a prize examination in his name for the students to perpetuate his memories and project the services done to the Guntur General Hospital as the first trained neurosurgeon and professor.

To start an endowment lecture is the name of Dr.M.V.BalaSubrahmanian my mentor and also a prize examination in his name for the students to perpetuate his memories and project the services done to the Guntur General Hospital as the first trained neurosurgeon and professor.

I have a few more ambitions to honor my teachers at all levels of my education. I have already started and completed the first step of honoring my school teachers.

I wanted my village people to have green plants all over and took the initial step of platning above sixty saplings in my father’s memory.

I want my village people to study, read and write Telugu, the forgotten language. In that angle I initiated a mobile Telugu book library with one hundred story books with the involvement of the village president and elders.