I am very happy and proud to be one of the very best batches of student of the Guntur Medical College, The 1996 batch.My native place, a dormant village by name Varagani situated twenty six kilometers south of Guntur.My real date of birth is 16th March 1950, not known even to me till I became sixty years of age, the recorded date of birth was 17th March 1950, in the village records which I always remembered but never really celebrated as my real date of birth and 4th January 1949, was recorded as my official date of birth in the school records, during my high school admission.I studied, at the primary element school at(SWES) Varagani, high school studies at Pedanandi Padu, pre-university course at The Hindu College Guntur, MBBS and 1st year MS General Surgery post graduation at our Guntur Medical College and direct MS neurosurgery post graduate degree course at Madras Medical College. Suffice to state that I was the first five year neurosurgery post graduate to get the degree in India.


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